HUDWAY Glass: Keep Your Eyes On The Road

With recent increases in fines and the severity of penalties, there’s no doubt that distracted driving is a growing concern.  However, Ontario’s allowance of hands-free devices still poses a risk to drivers and pedestrians.  Many have turned to mounting devices on their dashboards or front consoles.  And while this may free up their hands, it doesn’t necessarily mean that their eyes are on the road.  Consider how much time a driver spends looking down at the speedometer, fiddling with a propped-up phone, or looking around a mounted GPS that’s blocking the windshield. Well, HUDWAY, a California-based company dedicated to developing software and hardware for safer driving, has recently announced HUDWAY Glass, a head-up display screen that beams information from your smartphone. hudway_03 (738x491) Founded by cousins Ivan Klabukov and Alex Ostanin, Glass was inspired by Alex’s rally driving hobby.  When going at such high speeds, rally drivers require an unobstructed view of the road, but still need some form of navigational assistance.  Hence, HUDWAY Glass came to be.  The product works by projecting the image on your smartphone to the head-up display glass. Simply attach the mount to your dashboard with the industrial strength adhesive, assemble the product with the industrial strength magnets, place your smartphone in the cradle space provided, and adjust the glass to your desired angle. hudway_01 (738x494) The glass screen is really what makes HUDWAY Glass so effective.  The composition, curvature, and finish magnify your screen image by up to 20%, reduce glare, and maximize transparency as well as clarity.  Sunny or cloudy, raining or snowing, HUDWAY promises the projection will always be visible and crystal-clear. hudway_02 (738x493) HUDWAY Glass works with any app that has Head-Up Display (HUD) capabilities, meaning that the app is able to flip the image around so that it is mirrored correctly in the projection image.  The Glass’ primary purposes are for safe navigation and speed-checking, mind you Glass is able to display text messages, tweets, videos, and more, so long as you have the appropriate HUD app.  Of course, HUDWAY suggests you only practice such attention-demanding activities when safely parked. So keep your hands free, eyes on the road, and head up with HUDWAY Glass.

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