Hudly: Heads-Up Display Car Screen

When you’re driving, taking your eyes off the road to look at your phone is not only dangerous, it’s illegal. Yet, a phone is also a useful tool for driving. That’s why Eric Lee has created Hudly, a mounted, transparent, glass heads-up-display (which is referred to as the optical combiner) that attaches to your car windshield and displays your phone screen. hudly-heads-up-display-car-screen-05 The name Hudly is derived from the acronym HUD, which stands for Heads-Up Display. HUD is used to display flight information to pilots in the air force to give information to pilots effectively without impairing with their vision. Hudly uses this technology to create a safe way for drivers to use navigation apps on their phones, such as Waze and Google Maps while driving. hudly-heads-up-display-car-screen-04 Hudly projects the image of your phone screen onto a transparent display with a projector that attaches to the top of your windshield. Although it sounds complicated, it can easily be set up in three steps. First, users need to plug in the projector into your cars OBD2 port or cigarette lighter adapter. Second, the projector is attached to the top of your windshield. Third, use Hudly’s paper guide to align the projector with the optical combiner and attach it to the bottom of your windshield, out of your eyeline. hudly-heads-up-display-car-screen-02 Two potential concerns with Hudly are that the screen might be affected by outside brightness and the question of how audio commands will be issued from the phone when you are using a navigation app. Both of these concerns have been accounted for. The Hudly’s optical combiner has been specially designed so that a change in light does not effect the appearance of the display. Speakers are built into the projector that allows you to hear notifications and commands from apps. This heads-up display is compatible with every sort of smartphone, making it available for any person with a smartphone. You never have to use your phone in a dangerous way while driving again, with Hudly.

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