Howly: Modern & Cozy Pet Bed

To ensure a cozy, warm, and comfortable sleep for your furry companion, the Howly, a coned-shaped pet bed, will do this with excellence. The Howly is designed with a steel frame, and is padded inside with waterproof material. Having waterproof material is important as such in an example of bathing your pet before bedtime a little wetness around the paw area of your furry companion won’t deteriorate the inside of a Howly. Or if your pet has an “accident” it can just be cleaned out without further thought. The cover of the enclosed cotton cushion is scented to repel dust mites and ticks. That is a feature not pervasive for pet beds. Your pet(s) needs can be taken care of by different means without a doubt. But when a product like the Howly, repels pet irritating critters, in addition to giving a cushioned sleep and all in a sleek design, this makes this product ahead of the rest. Howly-1 The Howly comes in different colors. The colors are mostly muted, but there is a variety of options. The Howly is also foldable so it can be stored when not in use. The cone shaped style not only provides efficiency for folding and storage, but a large enough opening for any pet of any size and a back part that will close in to give comfortable cover for rest. Howly-2 It can be purchased at There is a customer service center to call in for any questions you may have too. The Howly has also been accoladed from the Red Dot for its product design. The Red Dot award is a competition that awards products on a variety of features and the Howly has been awarded for its unique features. More information about the Howly can be explored on the Red Dot website . Howly-3

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