Hotello: Portable Room

In disaster-affected areas, temporary accommodation often becomes a major issues. Large warehouses and schools can be converted to temporarily house people, but the setup often does not provide families and individuals with adequate privacy and sense of security. Product designers Roberto De Luca and Antonio Scarponi have created a modular 2 square-meter portable room, which could be an answer to this problem. hotello-portable-office-hotel-room-01 Hotello is a temporary portable “hotel” room, but also doubles as an office space for emergency relief staff to carry on their work. hotello-portable-office-hotel-room-02 The light and sound absorbent double-curtains provide people with the personal space to grieve, rest, and recover. hotello-portable-office-hotel-room-04 Finally, Hotello packs away into a compact and easily transportable roller case, which is important for distribution. The ease of assembly is also particularly useful for disaster-relief situations, where a majority of the occupants could be children, elderly, or injured. hotello-portable-office-hotel-room-03 The room illustrated is for one-person, but a similar concept could undoubtedly be applied for family-sized rooms.

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