HOPii: Your Personal Micro Brewery

Do you ever wish that you could brew your own beer right in the comfort of your home? Now it’s a dream come true with the introduction of HOPii, a personalized micro-brewery that takes up as much space on your counter as a cappuccino machine. It is a one of a kind kitchen appliance that sparks new intrigue for beer fanatics. HOPii is designed to utilize various smart sensors and algorithms to create a controlled environment that generates consistent fermentation. The system is able to monitor fermentation time, pressure, and temperature and in conjunction with brewery sourced ingredients results in quality taste every time. This is a great addition to any beer lover’s kitchen. HOPii dabbles in an expansive range of flavours of classic IPA, Pale Ales and Stouts as well as innovative new flavours. The company behind HOPii strives to broaden their relationships with top and local breweries to bring amazing craft beers into your home. Their focus on quality reinforces their drive in only delivering you the best tastes that can be offered. HOPii uses authentic ingredients that are on par with breweries. They consist of pure wort and the exact same yeast, dry hops, and flavours that brewers use in their own breweries. The algorithms used by HOPii yields quality beer every time that is identical if not better than what is on the market. Each kit comes with a 3L wort bottle, dry hops, yeast and a CO2 cartridge for beer extractions. There is virtually no waiting time as HOPii allows you to consume your beer right away. Since craft beers taste the freshest immediately after the brewing is done, you can only get the rich experience if you indulge in impatience. Enjoy your beverage tout suite to ensure the flavours are full-bodied. Due to the closed system at work within the HOPii, the freshness is also preserved for a long time so you can store it in the fridge and make another batch right away! It only takes one touch to get the whole process in motion. Simply place the yeast in the bottle and insert it along with the ingredient pack in HOPii and press START. Cleaning is also made simple. Just place the airlock cap on and add a little water and sanitizer into the HOPii and press START. Developed by the founders’ love of California craft beer, HOPii was inspired by the fresh rich taste that can only be experienced by drinking right from the tank. They realized that once you drink fresh beer, it’s almost impossible to go back doing otherwise. Therefore, they made it their mission to share the brewer’s secret on a more accessible scale. HOPii was designed to be the centerpiece on the countertop that embodied minimalism, elegance, and luxury. Its mechanisms shielded by sleek curves that add character to any kitchen. It’s the ideal gadget for your parties and will instantaneously be a hit with the crowd. HOPii makes brewing so simple, you almost have too much time to kick back with a pint.

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