Honcho Poncho: Wearable Water-Resistant Blanket

If keeping warm while enjoying the outdoors is your biggest priority, the Honcho Poncho might be your new best friend. This water-resistant blanket doubles as a cozy and warm poncho to keep you as warm as possible on a chilly day. And it’s breathable insulation makes sure that you stay comfortable while bundled up. It’s the perfect companion for an outdoor sports game or a camping trip. Honcho_Poncho_02 The Honcho Poncho is essentially a warm, water-resistant blanket that you can wear. It has a hood the keep your head and ears protected from the elements, and a great kangaroo pocket for your hands to keep your digits toasty, but unrestrained. The little zippered pouch on the pocket keeps any essential items at hand (you wouldn’t want to be digging around blindly under all those layers, right?). The best part of the design is in the materials. The poncho is light, the shell is water-resistant, and the insulation keeps the wearer warm, but controls the humidity under the blanket at the same time. The Honcho Poncho is made of 37.5 Insulation, an innovative material that keeps the heat inside, while keeping the moisture at comfortable levels. This means you won’t overheat because of high humidity under your poncho. Honcho_Poncho_03 The Honcho Poncho is a fun and practical piece of gear that you can keep in your car and throw on for extra warmth at the kids’ soccer tournament, at the cottage on a crisp day, or whenever or wherever else you need it. Now all they need is more sizes. The kiddies would appreciate this one too.    

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