HITCASE PRO 2.0: Ultimate Phone Case

Whether you like it or not, if you have an iPhone, it is never very far out of reach. Offering us endless possibilities and access at our fingertips, our phones are an integral part of living life. Out of fear of breaking or losing our prized piece of tech, we can be kept from living our lives to the fullest. HITCASE PRO provides the protection and features to keep your phone safe, and to do more with it. Brought to you by Brooks Bergreen and team HITCASE, this case for the iPhone 6 and 7 is designed to let you live the life you want to lead without worrying about your phone, and allowing you to share all of the exciting things you see and do along the way. With the case’s various features, you can rest easy when it comes to your phone’s safety and just live in the moment. Go snorkeling and capture the medley of colourful sea life, take a ride down a mountain bike trail, go for a hike and catch a beautiful sunset, and never forget the moments you want to cherish. Waterproof up to 33 feet and shockproof up to 16 feet, your phone is in good hands. An exciting addition to the case’s features is the rail mounting system. With it you are capable of mounting your iPhone with GoPro mounts and even drones. With all of the features of this case it seems as though it might be a little too complicated to install and remove. Luckily for you that is not the case. Protecting your phone can be as easy as four steps. On top of sporting some of the best protection numbers in the high-end iPhone case market, HITCASE upped the ante by adding three interchangeable lenses to add some flair to what you share. With these three lenses to choose from, you can turn something spectacular into something that defies description. The lenses are easy to swap out, so you can change your mind and get a new perspective or get creative. Capable of streaming and linking to your social media even when mounted, let the world see how much fun you are having. From professional athletes and thrill seekers to homebodies, the HITCASE PRO gives you the peace of mind to take it all in. To learn more about HITCASE PRO visit their kickstarter page.

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