HidrateMe: Track Your Intake Water Bottle

HidrateMe is a reusable water bottle made from BPA-free, Tritan plastic that tracks how much you drink throughout the day and sends that information to the Hidrate app on your phone. When it’s time to drink more water, the sensor stick inside the bottle will glow to let you know that it’s time to re-hydrate. hidrate-me-bottle-2 The battery lasts for more than a year and can easily be found in most retail stores, so you don’t have to worry about ever losing track of your water consumption with HidrateMe. hidrate-me-bottle-4 Sleek in design and available in 6 different colours, the creators of this innovative bottle describe it as “a natural extension of yourself” that is easy to take from the office to the gym. HidrateMe features a stylish ripple pattern under the lid, and a pour-style mouthpiece for convenience. HidrateMe (738x492) The Hidrate app that accompanies the bottle is user-friendly and extremely customizable. It starts by recording your height, weight, age, and activity level; it uses all of this information to calculate a suggested amount of water you should be consuming throughout the day. Using your location, the app is also able to adjust your daily goal depending on the temperature, humidity, and elevation of your area. In addition, the app will send you reminders if you ever fall off track. hidrateme_02 (738x492) So if you tend to forget to drink water and could always use a friendly reminder to keep hydrated, HidrateMe could be just the thing for you!

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