Hideaway Chair: A Safe Haven for Kids

Children’s furniture pieces are usually just shrunken versions of big-people tables and chairs, with some bright paint to appeal to the kids. Design company Think & Shift has gone quite a few steps further in their children’s chair design. Contracted by New Shoots, a childhood education centre located in New Zealand, Think & Shift set out to create a chair for children that could act like a cozy escape away from the noise and ruckus of large play areas and classrooms. The result was the beautiful, innovative, and cocoon-like Hideaway Chair. Hideaway-chair-06 The Hideaway Chair was made with sustainability, durability, and comfort in mind. The body of the chair is made up of 4 curved plywood planks, that are assembled into a sphere. It can be disassembled and packed relatively flat for easy transportation, and was manufactured locally in New Zealand. The unique shape of Hideaway offers visual and audio privacy, allowing kids to lounge in the chair however they want. In their research, Think & Shift observed that children prefer to sit in all sorts of positions rather than upright. The Hideaway allows kids to find comfortable ways to  recline and relax. The chair comfortably seats two small children side by side, or one little one sprawled across the bottom. The simplicity of the shape and the sleek natural wood grain makes this chair visually appealing to adults as well, while the chair’s position low to the ground gives children the sense that it is solely for them. The upholstery can easily be removed and washed as well, which is another plus for parents. Hideaway-chair-07   At the moment, these chairs can only be seen and used in New Shoots facilities in New Zealand, but Think & Shift is currently developing a plan for wider distribution. Hopefully this item will show up in North America in the near future. And hopefully this design will encourage other designers to create children’s furniture pieces with ergonomics and comfort in mind. Hideaway-chair-04  

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