HiddenRadio2: Speaker’s Evolution

HiddenRadio2 is a Bluetooth multi-speaker that is an advanced design on the original HiddenRadio by John Van Den Nieuwenhuizen and Vitor Santa Maria. The Kickstarter project for the updated speaker has been fully backed and drew in over $700,000 in funds. The first iteration of HiddenRadio was put to the test and the creators redesigned the speaker and the internal system until they were satisfied with the superior sound and the speaker’s multi-functional capabilities. hiddenradio2-speakers-evolution-02 The HiddenRadio2 is made to be compact and fit in with your decor but the designers also wanted it to be functional and powerful. For a smaller unit, getting quality bass sound is a challenge. But the designers have used high-quality material commonly found in larger, more expensive sound systems to achieve a clear, deep bass while maintaining the crisp high frequencies as well. The neodyamium dual speaker and custom software are the prime examples of the work gone into the HiddenRadio2 to produce exceptional sound. hiddenradio2-speakers-evolution-03 The bells and whistles of the HiddenRadio2 include a MultiPoint feature where the user can link two units to one phone and create a wireless audio set-up in stereo or surround sound. The Magic Lift Technology offers ease of use and protection as the cap lifts with the touch of a finger or by pressing play on the connected device to reveal the 360° speaker. The capacitive touch sensor in the cap allows seamless control with functions like play, pause, skip, fast forward, rewind, answer a phone call and even use Siri. hiddenradio2-speakers-evolution-04 The speakerphone comes equipped with noise-cancelling microphones for the cleanest sound and the Near Field Communication automatically syncs NFC-enabled phones to use features like auto-play as soon as you enter your home. The round speaker spreads sound evenly at up to 90dB and the rechargeable battery has a life of 25 hours. The HiddenRadio2 also features a micro USB jack and a line-in for your convenience to recharge and use. The app that helps you use the one or more units offers a SmartAlarm and a music schedule to ensure that the music always fits your mood and activity. The HiddenRadio2 does the job of larger, more complex sound systems with none of the visual clutter and all of the benefit. Video:

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