HiddenHUB: Smart Speaker

A typical way to make something as simple as making dinner or cleaning your home more enjoyable is to blast music. It makes the time go by faster as chores and errands get done. However, there are limitations with stereos or Bluetooth speakers, but the main one is the dead zones. It’s he zone in the room where the music just doesn’t quite reach, and it’s more muted there than right beside the speaker. That problem is a thing of the past with HiddenHUB’s smart speaker. image The HiddenHUB learns the room that it’s in, feeling for the furniture in it and adapts its sound waves so that in any corner of the room, music is heard just as good as if standing right beside the speaker. Created by HIDDEN Inc, a company designed to improve consumers’ lives, the smart speaker uses Wi-Fi protocols to transfer 100% of the audio files filtering through it into seamless music. This is a huge plus since transferring music through Bluetooth leads to a compressed audio quality. Linking the smart speaker to your iPhone, you are able to control the music you listen to. image The HiddenHUB can be used in multiple rooms, having the same adaptive quality music streaming through all the rooms or having different songs playing in each room. It also has a touchpad interface to adjust volume and song selection on the smart speaker itself in the event your linked phone isn’t in the immediate vicinity. Not only can it detect the room, but the HiddenHUB can detect your presence, and as soon as you come home, the smart speaker can begin playing as soon as you enter the door. Make sure nothing embarrassing is on your playlist as HiddenHUB makes its presence known in your household.

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