Hexacomb: Shelving That Adapts To You

A unique and beautiful shelving unit, Hexacomb changes depending solely on the user and their needs. Each hexagonal shelf is sold individually, as there are strong magnets that are embedded in the pure oak wood that securely hold shelves together. Each individual shelf weighs just 6 pounds, but can hold up to 200 pounds. This makes it possible to use not only as a shelf for heavy books and trinkets, but also for a stepping stool or chair if necessary. The versatility of this product is exactly the reason it’s so appealing. Whether you decide to build them up or build them out, they act as aesthetically pleasing shelves, seats, stools, or even sculptures. The idea behind the customizable unit comes from honeybees and the unique shape of their honeycombs. Hexagons are particularly great for structure and stability, as they offer equal weight distribution and the ability to reshape easily while keeping a large surface area with the smallest perimeter. This ensures that your shelves will remain functional, aesthetically pleasing and stronger than any alternatives while being able to change it with ease. And since the product is made in two separate sizes – Hexacomb and Hexacomb Mini – you have total control of how it looks and what it’s used for. The shelves are more than just a good-looking set, though. Hexacomb is handmade and completely natural, right down to the adhesives used. The company is dedicated to being sustainable, so they have joined the World Wildlife Fund to ensure that bees continue to thrive and inspire, despite their endangerment. Quality is another important consideration, and Hexacomb takes it seriously. The pure oak is handcrafted into smooth, clean hexagons that measure at 12 and a half inches tall for the original size. If you’re sick of the typical look and lack of functionality that typical shelves have to offer, check out Hexacomb here.

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