HEM: Flat Packed Furniture Range

Packing is never as easy as we think it to be when it comes time. Furniture is perhaps the most troublesome aspect. However, we no longer have to fear. A Swedish design brand is exploring the possibility of having high-end design be completely mobile. These pieces have the ability to be flat-packed for easy transportation. Hem is launching a sofa and conference table as a part of this collection amongst others. However, these two are definitely the stand out elements of the range. The most innovative and stunning part of the collection is the couch, dubbed Kumo, designed by Norwegian studio Andersson & Voll as part of a collaboration. It arrives as a series of constructed pieces which can be slotted together for assembly. It encompasses a cozy futuristic element making it modern and chic. Its modular structure makes it easy to arrange as a single chair or extend it to 4 in a row; perhaps you would even like to configure it to suit a corner. the Kumo is available in a range of woolen fabrics or leather. The entire concept was inspired by a streamlined workspace. The three-seater sofa is able to be fitted onto a standard euro palette, which is a pioneering feat. Additionally, because the products are being shipped from Europe worldwide, being able to be shipped on a single palette is a huge accomplishment. This collection embodies Hem’s ethos for creating designs that are affordable for the masses. According to the brand’s founder, Petrous Palmer, these pieces do not compromise style to be functional and versatile. Hem, which was incepted in 2014, has a range of over 300 products on their e-commerce website, provided by a plethora of international designers. Another facet of the range being debuted is the Log table Pro. A table designed by Renault for Hem which features a laminated surface with a honeycomb structure, keeping it sturdy but still lightweight. Additionally, the metal legs give it a sleek finish on top of enhanced durability. The table can be easily assembled by hand after removing it from the flat-packed box. These two wonderfully imaginative pieces will make great additions to any communal workplace due to their versatility and transformative capabilities. Spruce up your home with a plush inviting yet cool furniture.

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