Helsinki Coast Loyly Sauna

Over the last couple of years, people all over the world have added Helsinki, Finland to their bucket lists. It’s simple: Finland is known for its R&R (rest & relaxation). Finns value saunas and view them as a lifestyle, as opposed to a luxury like those in other countries. Loyly, a new public sauna, is located just along the vibrant Finnish coastline (hernesaarenranta 4, Helsinki, Finland). Designed by local studio avanto architects, Loyly’s contemporary design is not only stunning, but it’s also well designed and extremely clever in terms of functionality. Loyly stays true to Finnish design, as it features local materials and traditions. It also uses wood as the main material, catching the eyes of both locals and tourists. There’s two parts to this: the exterior and the interior– both equally breathtaking. The outer screen is separate from the interior. Nevertheless, the smart and strategic design allows for control of interior temperatures and the amount of sunlight that comes in and the amount that goes out. This modern wooden building is an attraction with a palette of rich textures and dark colours, giving Loyly a vivid look that’s hard to forget. Likewise, the choice of textures and colours creates an ideal environment for a sauna: sincere, warm, and calm. On top of that, you’ve got stunning views as you look right out at what Helsinki has to offer. Outdoors, one can find a 3-in-1 structural cover, circulation, and space for gathering. Indoors, there are the saunas, a restaurant, and bathing facilities. Some of the stunning colours inside include dark concrete, light birch wood, and charred pine. For more information about the architects, assistants, structural design, and all the little, but important details that went into Loyly, click here. Without a doubt, Helsinki, Finland is worth visiting. A relaxing and rejuvenating environment is essential. This exciting project really succeeds at increasing tourism and community facilities.

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