Helix: The Folding Bicycle

For even the most avid urban cyclist, incorporating their bike into a daily commute can be more trouble than it’s worth. From struggling to hoist it on the rack on front of the bus to squeezing it into a packed subway car at rush hour, the petty hassles can just keep piling up. helix-folding-bike-02 Designed by Peter Boutakis and his team in Toronto, The Helix folding bicycle aims to solve these problems without compromising the speed, safety or ascetic of traditional bicycles. helix-folding-bike-03 helix-folding-bike-04 Made with a lightweight titanium frame, the complete bike weighs in at just over 9 kilograms so it’s fairly easy to haul around. Side-by-side folding ensures the compressed bike is no longer than 26’’ and no wider than 9.5’’. What’s more, the wheels don’t lock up when folded, meaning that you can use the seat as a handle and pull it along with you as easily as a carry-on suitcase. Speaking of suitcases, the Helix can fit inside one snugly. helix-folding-bike-05 Despite its awesome flexibility, the Helix utilizes a set of spring-loaded locking mechanisms to ensure total rigidity when the pieces are locked in place, meaning that riding it shouldn’t feel any different from a conventional street bike. helix-folding-bike-6 Whether you’re taking it to work or just taking it with you, the Helix folding bicycle promises to eliminate any potential roadblocks between you and the joy of riding your bike whenever and wherever you are.  

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