HELIO: Solar Powered Light And Powerbank

In an emergency, it’s always a good idea to have a dependable source of energy. Whatever the occasion may be: hiking, camping, stargazing, traveling– take HELIO with you and rest assured that you’ll be prepared, no matter the situation. HELIO, made by Makers4Good, is designed to work off of just solar energy. With only one hour of sun, HELIO can emit continuous light in its low modes: low flashlight, low lantern (white light) and low lantern (red light). On a single full charge, the light may last up to a month! Helio also features USB charging- charge your battery fully in 6 hours! The HELIO battery features a 5,200 mAH and the device itself comes with a stand to place your light source wherever, whenever. Depending on the situation, toggle between different light settings: flashlight, white lantern, and red lantern. The flashlight may be used for a more concentrated light source and is brighter and more focused. The white lantern may be used as a brighter light source as opposed to the red lantern. The red lantern is great for working in the dark, or preserving night vision. The solar-powered device comes in three different colors: adventure green, moon-rock grey, and red woods. Pick and choose which one suits you the best- or pick it out for a loved one to encourage them to stay safe. Makers4Good is a firm believer in universal access to light and power, therefore 100% of the proceeds from HELIO will be put towards those who are in need of reliable electricity. To learn more, visit their Kickstarter or watch the video below!

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