The HEFT: Ergonomic Shovel Handle

December has arrived and it’s only a matter of time before everything outside is covered in snow, including porches, driveways, and sidewalks.  Unfortunately for the majority of us, this means it’s about time to dig out those pesky shovels and get to work.  Sadly, as often as we’re told to warm-up and stretch before facing the seemingly endless piles of snow, we scarcely listen.  Even for those few who do sneak in a few jumping jacks or hamstring stretches beforehand, frozen extremities and aching backs are inescapable.  While there isn’t much that can be done about tingling fingers and toes, other than a warm and toasty mug of hot cocoa after the fact, Canadian Marco Longley has invented a tool that will reduce the amount of strain put on one’s back when using a shovel: the HEFT handle. heft_02 (738x491) HEFT is a supplementary handle that attaches to long-handled tools ranging from shovels, spades, rakes, and more.  So long as the existing tool shaft is between 1 and 1-½ inches in diameter (the standard size), HEFT can easily be added on with a simple twist, no tools, screws, nuts, or bolts required. heft_03 (738x493) Attached closer to the base of your shovel or gardening tool, HEFT allows you to stand straighter when having to haul shovel-fulls of snow, reducing the amount of bending required of your back and letting your legs do most of the work.  When it comes to the actual lifting of the shovel, the additional HEFT handle adds leverage, putting less strain on your body. So do your back a favour, and make your shovel a little more ergonomic by adding HEFT.  Or perhaps in the spirit of the holidays, lend a loved one a helping handle; HEFT makes a wonderful gift!

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