Heelight: Smart Light Bulb

Heelight is the light bulb that can hear its environment. With over 16 million RGB colors, you’ll definitely find the one to fit the mood! You can change the color from your smartphone, but don’t have to connect through WiFi or Bluetooth to use it. Lighting is something that can really affect the mood of the room or situation you’re in. You probably don’t desire the same lighting you use to eat as you would to study, or sleep as you would to listen to music. This light understands that, and allows you full control over what light you’re receiving when you want to receive it. The bulb has many different modes that you can use depending on the setting. For example, the Rhythm mode makes it match the music you’re listening to. Candle Light mode allows you to “blow the light out”, then it flickers back to light. Reading mode is a simple pure white light that allows you to focus. Other settings include Psychedelic, Night Lamp, Halloween, Sunrise and Sunset, and Love Night. Using Heelight is really easy. First install the bulb into any lamp of your choosing. Next, download the app. Finally, control the bulb with your phone. No connection is necessary because your phone and the bulb communicate through sound. This simplicity makes it easier to use and enjoy! The smart bulb uses LED lights and guarantees a longer lifetime with over 50,000 hours of light available. Therefore you won’t have to buy another one too quickly, even if you use your Heelight all the time! If you want to see what Heelight can do for you, check out its website here!

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