HEAVN One: Visual Caffeine

Before office buildings and wall clocks, people worked outside to the daily rhythm of the sun. This was the driving factor in people’s lives. Now, we work in cubicles with artificial and static lighting that replaces natural sunlight blocked out by office buildings.  Founders of the HEAVN One decided it was time to bring the sun indoors to support our daily biorhythms and overall well-being. HEAVN-One-Visual-Caffeine-01 An all-in-one product, the HEAVN One is a desk lamp, daylight lamp, and room illuminator. It includes two distinct LED light panels. One of these provides optimal illumination of your desk; the other mimics the sun throughout the day. It adapts to the length of a workday, and keeps you productive throughout. Scientifically proven to keep you awake, the light hits your eyes from a certain angle that vitalizes your body. HEAVN-One-Visual-Caffeine-04 The colour of the light is how the brain knows to prepare your body for wakefulness or sleep. Believe it or not, sunlight is usually more blue during the day then becomes warmer in the evening.  Artificial lighting causes the brain to be out of sync, resulting in tiredness in the mornings and poor sleeping patterns at night. So to help you stay alert and active, the HEAVN One replicates the sunlight, gradually changing colour throughout the day. HEAVN-One-Visual-Caffeine-02 If you have spent hours at your desk and find you need a kick, press the coffee button. This gives you “Visual Caffeine”, meaning you receive a dose of energizing blue light which helps boost productivity and maintain focus. With the HEAVN One, you can bring the sun into your office, even on a rainy day.

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