HeatsBox: Revolutionary Lunchbox

Look, we know you’re busy. We get that you have school, work, places to go, things to do. It’s hard to support a healthy eating style when you’re always on the run. And who enjoys eating cold leftovers at work? HeatsBox just wants to make your life a little bit easier by warming up your lunch for you. heatsbox-4 The HeatsBox is a slim, portable lunchbox that heats up your meals so that you can enjoy them just as if they were fresh. Say goodbye to the old and the cold, and say hello to looking forward to lunch once again! It fits 925ml volume, leak-proof, and is equipped with a self-cleaning mechanism. It’s a dream come true. The HeatBox uses an 85 watt oven-heater to warm up your food in 15 minutes, and is the most efficient heating system to ever in a lunchbox. The heat is distributed throughout your food evenly, which is another distinct feature. heatsbox-6 The HeatsBox is chargeable by USB, making it even easier to use it on the go. Simply charge with your laptop if you’re at work, and you’re good to go. These lunch boxes go from 12V to 240V with just a press of an LED button. heatsbox-6 Make it personal by getting a color that suits you. The HeatsBox comes in black, rose gold, blue, light gold, and green. Nab the perfect one for you, and the perfect one for a friend! Pursue a healthy eating lifestyle bringing your own lunch from home instead of chasing after fast food. Lunch is one of the highlights of a long day, and you shouldn’t be let down by a cold lunch. With the holiday season approaching, the HeatsBox could be the perfect gift to warm up a loved one’s heart! For more information on HeatsBox, view the video below:

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