Hang Sitt: The Dual-Purpose Chair

I am definitely guilty of coming home and tossing my purse, my coat or my scarf anywhere convenient (usually on the floor).  Putting it back where it belongs is definitely not my number one priority after a long day.  I do have hooks on the back of the front hall closet that calls to me and sometimes my things even make it onto that hook, but more often than not, it’s far too laden with everyone else’s coats and there’s no more room for mine. So the Hang Sitt Stool from the Danish furniture and accessory company Norrmade is a brilliant idea for someone like me.  A stool with dowels sounds pretty simple, but with the grooves at the top of each long dowel, tossing your coat or purse on the back is incredibly convenient, and a nice change from the floor.  It’s very user-friendly as the dowels are varied in length in order to make it easy even for children (who tend to toss their things wherever just as I do).  Plus, it’s great in the front hall for having somewhere to sit down and put on your shoes. hang-sitt-01 Norrmade’s mission is not just to create elegantly simple products, but to create true functionality, giving you a product that looks nice, makes your life a little bit easier and isn’t weighed down with any unnecessary accessories.  And because it is such a simple, non-froufrou product, it’s easy to pick up and move if you decide it might be better for your bedroom and that pile of scarves you’re collecting. hang-sitt-02 The Hang Sitt Stool seamlessly merges a stool and a coat rack.  Norrmade aims to make life just a little bit easier by doing away with any excess and giving us a product that makes keeping house and home tidy just a little bit more convenient.  

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