Handpresso: Compact Espresso Machine

Imagine a portable coffee machine. Does it look just like a typical coffee machine but smaller? Redefining the way you think of a miniature coffee machine, the Handpresso Pump is a lightweight, compact espresso machine that you can take anywhere. handpresso As the name suggests, the espresso maker is shaped like a pump. This is so that you can easily set the bar pressure to your liking, with 16 bars being the maximum setting. handpresso-pump-06 The Handpresso Pump doesn’t use batteries or electricity to work, a feature that is sure to gain the appeal of those who are eco-friendly. Simply add hot water, place the coffee of your choice into the opening, pump to your desired bar pressure, and the preparation of your very own espresso drink is complete. No complex buttons, switches, or long processes that test your patience are involved. In fact, you can have your steaming shot of espresso in under a minute! handpresso-pump-06 Handpresso’s compact espresso machine works with Easy Serving Espresso pods or ground coffee, giving you the customization of any type of coffee you prefer with your ideal bar pressure. handpresso-pump-02 A quick, fuss-free way to brew your daily espresso, the Handpresso Pump is the perfect compact solution for coffee drinkers on the go.  In the words of the company that patented the world’s first handheld espresso maker, it’s the “ultimate version of the portable espresso machine.”

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