Handbag Umbrella

The Handbag Umbrella is a resourceful product that allows you to turn your umbrella into a handbag. handbag-umbrella-05 This inside out umbrella is created by Seung Hee Son and the brilliant design transforms a drip-free umbrella into a handbag which is not only easy to fold but carry as well. handbag-umbrella-06 Interestingly, while collapsing into an easy-to-carry handbag, this umbrella inverts as well, ensuring that the water remains on the inside. So instead of letting the water drip and ruin your clean carpet or nice furniture or whatever interior space or office you are entering, it prevents a lot of hassle and mess. handbag-umbrella-01 The designer has worked out a simple step-by-step method to ensure that you can fold and use the product in a dry, comfortable and easy way; with one hand on the handle and the other carrying out the transformation without getting wet. handbag-umbrella-04 No more wrapping your wet umbrella in a plastic bag or walking in with a soaked umbrella while visiting a friend or going to office in rain, this stylish Handbag Umbrella has a bag attached to it that is always handy and reusable. handbag-umbrella-02

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