Hammocraft: 5 Person Hammock Frame

Summer’s coming, which means it’s time to go on a much-needed, well-deserved adventure! There’s no better way of doing this than taking some outdoor-fun essentials and tossing Hammocraft into your car’s trunk! The Hammocraft is a frame that can be attached to various kinds and styles of vessels: paddleboards, river rafts, kayaks– you name it! It’s now possible to enjoy a nice, relaxing hammock session on the water, in the snow, or even on land. The possibilities are endless. hammocraft-2hammocraft-3 Hammocraft is exceptionally high in quality. Made from stainless steel and aluminium, this frame is also stable and durable, allowing a total weight capacity of 800 lbs. Taking up the space of a 6’10” square, Hammocraft can hang up to five hammocks. The design is well thought out, as it’s lightweight when carrying, strong enough to hold up to five people, and easy to assemble and disassemble. Then, when you’re ready to have some fun, hammocks can be hung quickly and efficiently. hammocraft-4 Enjoy some quiet, alone time on a hammock, or invite your crew to join the party, whether on water or in your backyard. Hammocraft is the essential to have this summer (and fall and winter and spring). hammocraft-1 So, there’s no need to book expensive flights to expensive resorts when you could bring the relaxation and fun straight to you. Take Hammocraft with you on your family vacations, on your weekend road trips with friends, or just to the park with your partner. Grab your favourite book, get lost looking at nature, or take a nap– or all of the above. Allow yourself to make time for yourself this summer. This innovative, creative, and unique idea has more information available on their Kickstarter page. Make sure to check out the video below. It’ll surely get you excited for summer and for Hammocraft.

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