Halo: Colored Carbon Fibre Lounge chair

Halo is an award-winning, world’s first ever, colored carbon fibre lounge chair. Made from a special high-performance and quality material – Hypetex, the Halo chair is an innovative and aesthetically distinctive furniture product. Halo-Chair-01 According to the designer Michael Sodeau, Hypetex provides a new and exceptional world of designing possibilities. Hypetex is lightweight, bright, bold, beautiful, impressive and strong as well. “Hypetex is different from other materials that I’ve worked with in the sense that it offers a lot of freedom from a design point of view,” describes Sodeau. “It enables us to create a mono-material design, so aesthetically we can have a strong dynamic shape with one material over the whole object.” Halo-Chair-02 “The carbon fibre enables us to generate shapes not achievable in other materials,” he adds, “The aesthetics and performance of this material lend themselves perfectly to this piece.” Halo-Chair-03 This minimalist designer lounge chair is a limited edition product with a wide and select-vibrant range of colors. Its contoured shape interacts with the light to create vibrant, harmonious and bold refractions on the surface of the material. Halo is a remarkable aesthetic piece and is constructed from the high-tech composite material by Hypetex engineers, who also work on constructing the parts for Formula 1 racing cars. Halo-Chair-04

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