The Halla Wall-Hanger: Outdoor Bike Mount

Anyone walking through the crowded streets of a city understands that every inch of walking space is precious.  Hence, there’s nothing quite as irritating as permanent obstructions wasting even a little bit of that space.  Designers Lee Jong Pil, Hong Sung Min, Jern Jae Yang & Kim Du Su have developed a concept that will surely spare pedestrians the pain of walking into arguably the most irritating of obstructions: bike racks.  The Halla Wall-Hanger bike rack is a foldaway wall-mounted bicycle station intended for public areas. Print The bike rack consists of two rubberized guard poles to contain the bike.  They extend from the wall by simply pulling on the ring’s handle.  Next, a push of a button will release the ring, allowing it to hinge outwards. wall-hanger-bike-rack-4 From there, the bike is able to fit between the guard arms, and be rolled forward to ensure stability.  To lock the bike in place and secure it, the ring is swung back into place.  This outdoor bike mount also uses fingerprint recognition to ensure the protection of your bike, which means no more worrying about lugging around a lock and key, or forgetting a combination. wall-hanger-bike-rack-2 Once you’re ready to retrieve your bike, simply unlock the Wall-Hanger with the tap of a finger, wheel the bike back out, and retract the ring back into the wall.  What’s more, the rack is also designed to illuminate at night for easy detection in the dark.  Having said that, the LED light is triggered by motion so as not to waste energy. An innovative design, the Wall-Hanger bike rack is a safe and creative way to save both room and power in crowded, space-deprived areas.

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