Hafucha: Contemporary Side Tables

The only times I’ve ever looked under a table were to clean it or search for something I lost. But most people, like myself, have never really looked at the bottom side of a table. The bottom is hidden and overshadowed by its much shinier, sleeker, sexier counterpart—the surface. With the creation of Hafucha contemporary side tables, Bakery Design has turned this concept upside down. Literally. hafucha-02 Inspired by the sculptural mastery of American sculptor, Alexander Calder, Bakery Design focused on the constructional elements of objects to craft this series of modern and simple side tables. The tables are designed to visually be inside out, in that the hidden side of the table is brought to the surface to finally bask in all its glory! hafucha-04 Hafucha produces a strong visual impact that is also quite functional. In contrast to traditional surfaces, Hafucha tables are lined with ridges that can be used to separate and organize items on the surface or keep objects from falling or sliding off the table. The unique surface is ideal for holding books, TV remotes, laptops, decorative items or even tossing your keys at the end of the day without them accidentally dropping to the floor. hafucha-03 Whether you place it in a living room, office or child’s play area, Hafucha side tables are beautifully designed and functional pieces of furniture. hafucha-05

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