H2OPal: Smart Water Bottle

We are all guilty of neglecting our hydration in favour of keeping up with everything else that goes on around us. However, this bad habit could lead to some serious health issues later down the line. We could all use a little reminder so we can stay on track when it comes to our getting our full 8 a day. The H20Pal is the friend you need to keep your hydration in check. This smart water bottle is capable of automatically tracking your hydration throughout the day. It logs data automatically and send you reminders to keep you from falling behind. It is often times when we feel stressed that we forget to drink water. The H20Pal syncs with your smart phone to streamline all your hydration needs. It is able to auto-adjust your goals based on weather, activity and your profile. All these features are encapsulated in the premium glass bottle that helps to preserve the freshness of your water. To make sure you’re really getting your eight a day, visit their page to learn more about this stunning bottle!

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