Gym Towell+

Choosing to go to the gym is a step in a healthier direction for most. Getting active makes us feel alert, alive, and better overall. These good feelings carry out into the rest of the day, but there is something we do not want to carry with us: sweat. Sweating at the gym is usually unavoidable, based on what you are doing there, and can keep you from obtaining that good feeling based on what you have to do that day. Of course you can shower, and you should, but in a pinch a gym towel will work wonders. From the German company, Stryve comes the gym Towell+. Towell Plus might just be the missing link to making your workouts more enjoyable. Made from 100% cotton and weighing only 300g, this towel is easy to tote about the gym floor with. With customizable colours on both sides, you can express yourself amongst the probably bland white towels others might be using. The Towell also has its two sides separated so you do not have to worry about the whole towel getting dirty from resting on equipment. There is also a magnetic clip with synthetic leather on the surface, so you can attach the Towell to a piece of equipment if convenient. Because of the design of the towel, it will not wrinkle or slip from use. There are two pockets accessible for storage. The first, larger pocket is meant for your personal belongings or workout gear. This makes a quick workout possible because you do not need to deal with getting a locker or forgetting something you need on a moment’s notice. The other is designed for your phone so it does not get damaged by keys or other items you would place in the other pocket. From the designer’s country, and in most of Germany, it is required to have a towel with you in a gym setting. So if you have to have something, why not have the best? And if you do not have to have a towel in the gym, bringing a Towell+ makes your gym experience an easier and cleaner one. To get yourself a Towell+, or see Stryve’s other products, visit their website.

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