Gus* Modern: Mix And Match Furniture

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; I love to rearrange.  There is just something I love about being in new spaces, and Gus* Modern has come out with a unique Fall High Point 2015 collection called Mix that is just right for me.  The collection itself is five separate pieces that easily fit together.  Mix and match furniture however you want to.  Love seat?  Coming right up!  Sectional?  No problem!  Chaise longue?  They’ve got you covered. Gus-Modern-04 On top of the easy mobility of the furniture, there are eight design patterns to choose from, so your sofa need not be one single, solitary, sad colour. It can be brilliantly colourful and unique, exactly the way you want it.  And for all us eco-lovers out there, Gus* Modern has our backs.  Mix is made of eco-friendly, 100% FSC-Certified hardwood.  Every little bit counts. MixModularSectional-5pc-mix03 (738x492)   Gus* Modern has also expanded some of their previous series, like the Jane Series with its new bi-sectional that complements the existing chaise, and the Spencer and Atwood Series’ to include more variety among patterns.  Fortunately, the Jane Series retains its classic button-tufted cushions (one of my favourite styles). Gus-Modern-02 So if you need to spruce up a space, or just add some versatility to your life, checking out Gus* Modern’s mix and match furniture is great place to start! Gus-Modern-03

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