Gumdrop Bin: Turn Gum Into Plastic

Practically everyone has had the unfortunate experience of stepping on an old piece of gum while walking down the sidewalk.  Consider yourself one of the lucky ones if you didn’t have to go through the awful trauma of picking the sticky wad off the bottom of your shoe.  For some mysterious reason, people have made it their mission to litter the streets with their gum.  Evidently, normal waste bins aren’t cutting it.  Perhaps the Gumdrop Bin, a one-of-a-kind gum disposal and recycling system, is just what our streets need.  Created by University of Brighton graduate Anna Buller, the Gumdrop Bin came to fruition as Anna’s solution to the global issue of chewing gum litter.  Dedicated to cleaning and maintaining the environment, Anna spent nearly four years inventing a way to recycle gum as opposed to merely disposing of it. gumdrop_bin_01 (738x494)   A fitting bubble-shaped container, the Gumdrop Bin is a hard-to-miss bubblegum pink.  It can be fastened and hung to the wall or post so any passerby is sure to notice its bright presence.  In essence, the bin is placed in a high-traffic area to reduce the number of unsightly splotches of littered gum on the ground.  The Gumdrop Bin eventually fills up, which is when the real magic starts.  Collected by Gumdrop Ltd., the full bubble is taken away to be broken down and processed for recycling.  Every wad of chewed up gum in the container is used to create a group of rubber and plastic-like polymers– Gum-Tec.  In most cases, Gum-Tec is used to form new Gumdrop Bins, making for an environmentally friendly gum recycling loop.   gumdrop_bin_04 (738x494)   Recently, Gumdrop Ltd. has branched out into creating Gum-Tec products, also made from the patented polymers.  The current collection includes a range of products from drink tumblers to hair combs to guitar picks, and is expanding with each passing day. gumdrop_bin_02 (738x492) Currently, these bins are installed in various locations within the United Kingdom and Denmark.  Anna Buller hopes to see Gumdrop Ltd.’s program expand globally, and make our streets cleaner one Bin at a time.  So here’s to giving your chewing gum a second life with the Gumdrop Bin. gumdrop_bin_03 (738x495)

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