Grillo: Folding Camp Grill

Grillo is a folding camp grill conceptualized by designers Mirko Bocek, Martin Oberhauser, and Alain Brideson of formAxiom — an Italian product design company. grillo-folding-camp-grill-02 This unique grill sets out to increase the frequency of your BBQ sessions. If ever the cumbersome nature of a traditional grill discouraged you from roasting your favorite food on its open fire, the concept of Grillo offers a convincing solution. Not only weighing a fraction of the mass of a traditional grill but also being completely foldable, Grillo seems like a much-needed modernization of the BBQ. grillo-folding-camp-grill-03 Closing and opening up like an umbrella, Grillo is portable by design. Aside from its light weight, the fact that it folds up — thus keeping the firewood inside from falling out — could in effect reduce the overall risk and frequency of BBQ-induced forest fires. grillo-folding-camp-grill-04 The design — in the name of portability — is strikingly minimalistic, blending futurism with a machine age-aesthetic. The unit is made of a flexible stainless-steel ring of mesh, inside of which you can burn solid fuel, like wood, while the tripod structure retains sturdiness and remains cool to the touch. grillo-folding-camp-grill-05 For all of its visual and ergonomic appeal, Grillo is still in the pre-production stage, and the company has yet to announce a release date. grillo-folding-camp-grill-06

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