Grid: Linear Aluminum Tables

In today’s era of innovation, we often find ourselves caught up in complex and extravagant designs, particularly with furnishing.  But sometimes it’s nice to go back to the basics, and appreciate the simple beauty of a piece.  OutofStock, a four-member, multi-cultural design collective, has dedicated its time to doing just that. In collaboration with Danish furniture company Bolia, OutofStock’s latest design launch, Grid, is a set of minimalistic, aluminum tables grid_05 (738x492) In each set comes a shorter coffee table with a larger surface and a taller side table with a smaller surface.  Both tabletops have the same simple linear pattern.  However, simplicity is not a measure of ability.  In an unexpected fashion, the table legs of the smaller table are designed to slide within the lined spaces of the larger one.  In other words, the two Grid tables can transform into a single two-tiered table, saving space. grid_03 (738x492)   This stackable feature is what inspired the name Grid; the birds-eye view of both tables’ linear patterns crossing when stacked creates a geometric, gridding effect.  Where you choose to place the little table along the big table’s surface is entirely up to you, allowing for multiple possibilities. grid_02 (738x491) Made of cast aluminum, the Grid tables’ composition is once again simple, yet sturdy.  The furniture combination is available in two different sets of colours: white (large) and black (small), or black (large) and blue (small). grid_04 So go back to enjoying the simple things in life; you never know what interesting developments they can bring to the table.

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