Green Pedestals: A Sustainable Vegetation

An oasis, a piece of paradise in an otherwise desolate space, is not just privy to vast and dry deserts. The oasis is within your reach with Front’s Green Pedestal design. Front, a contemporary design group consisting of Sofia Lagerkvist, Charlotte von der Lancken, and Anna Lindgren, reimagines the pedestal plant holder design for greenery and vegetation by combining it with OFFECCT’s O2asis project — to improve air quality through greenery. green-pedestals-a-sustainable-01 O2asis provides opportunities for architects and designers alike who are more interested in adding greenery to their designs, and Front have thoroughly taken advantage of that. Green Pedestals are simple yet elegant plant holders made from white lacquered metal with white ABS glides. The holders are trough-like bases, fit to keep the plants and vegetation secure yet visible. The large amount of greenery it can hold creates an atmospheric calmness against the stark white of the pedestal holder. Other table top designs present a white pigmented oak laminate which doubles as an end or side table. The round table top designs can be combined with a seat as a personal slice of paradise. green-pedestals-a-sustainable-02 What makes it a pedestal, however, are the slim, slightly irregular legs holding up the greenery or table top which gives the model a unique personality. The minimalist design adds a splash of elegance to any office space, but the options available is where the true oasis lies. Available in different heights and dimensions, ranging from planters to table tops, Green Pedestals can be arranged strategically to make a little office oasis, a breath of fresh air to combat a stressful day. Having such greenery livens the office space and promotes cleaner air. Green Pedestals are also multi-functional, acting as a decorative divider to any space that both opens up the room and makes it more inviting. green-pedestals-a-sustainable-04

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