Grasp: The Bike Lock With Fingerprint Recognition

Ask just about any cyclist and they’ll tell you that bicycle security is one of their top concerns.  Gone are the days where one could simply leave their bike perched on the driveway or outside the store.  Now, locks are an absolute essential.  Having said that, not just any lock will do.  Today, many are victim to lock-picks or bolt cutters.  Fortunately, a team of University of Waterloo engineers have overcome these common issues with the Grasp bike lock.  An innovative fingerprint recognition bicycle lock, Grasp, more or less, guarantees your bike will stay put. grasp_lock_05 (738x492) Using a hinging mechanism, Grasp is able to open when unlocked by a programmed fingerprint.  It’s wide opening range makes it easy for any cyclist to fit over a bike and bike rack. With a discreet fingerprint reader, you can have your bike locked up or unlocked in under a second.  Gone are the days of fumbling for keys or struggling to input codes. grasp_lock_01 (738x493) The Grasp lock is a highly durable product made of a cut-resistant metal.  It’s also finished with a high-grade, soft-touch plastic coating to make it scratch-resistant and easy to use.  The smooth finish will ensure the lock slides easily over your bicycle frame.  At the same time, the additional coat helps with Grasp’s weatherproofing, meaning rain or snow won’t affect the lock’s performance. Compatible with up to 20 fingerprints at any given time, the lock is conveniently shareable as well.  Using the Grasp App, you can easily manage who has access to your bike, and even with the possibility of time constraints. grasp_lock_04 (738x493) The lock runs on AAA batteries that boast a lifespan of over a year.  And fret not about what will happen when those batteries run out.  The lock is designed to remain locked even with dead batteries.  All you have to do is replace them, and you’re set to go for another year! So spare your poor extremities in today’s freezing temperatures.  Know that with the Grasp bike lock, your bike will be secured with the placing of a finger in less than a second.

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