Granite Pure Cup: Natural Temperature Retention

The Granite Cup can keep your coffee hot and your water cold all through the natural temperature retaining power of granite. Synthetically created heat-retaining cups might work well but they are not pleasing to the eye nor are they durable. The Granite Cup by Granite Pure has an incredible, natural aesthetic and is an extremely durable product. This is perfect for any camper or any person who wants a truly top quality cup. granite-cup-natural-heat-retention-02 Made out of 100% granite, this cup has the ability to keep cold things cold, and hot things hot for much longer than any other cup you use around the house. The extended temperature retention period of the cup allows users to consume products how they are meant to be consumed without the hassle of reheating. granite-cup-natural-heat-retention-05 The Granite Cup holds exactly one cup (8oz). This makes the cup not only useful for containing food and drink but can also be used to measure ingredients while cooking food. The size, aesthetic and abilities of the cup are essential for camping and at home. granite-cup-natural-heat-retention-03 This natural cup is crafted by local artisans who put tender love and care into the production of each cup. On the bottom of each cup, there is a precious design of the Sun or Moon. This gives the product a homey quality that is lacking from typical kitchenware. granite-cup-natural-heat-retention-04 The Granite Cup is a product for those who desire multi-functional, well-made and natural products. If you would like to learn more about this product, you can reach its Kickstarter page by clicking here. Never take the temperature of your beverage for granite (granted) again.

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