The “Grand Central” Expanding Table

The Grand Central is a beautifully designed expandable table brought to you by Sweden-based designers, Sigrid Strömgren and Sanna Lindström. grand-central-table-01 Noise-reduction has been a strong inspiration point for designer Sigrid Strömgren. Strömgren participated in a study at a high school in Sweden that concluded that loud furniture noises caused higher stress levels. Since then, designing furniture with a sound-reducing element using innovative combinations of materials has been a key aspect of her aesthetic. grand-central-table-03 However, it is the table’s striking design that makes it note-worthy. The tabletop is made of 22 pieces that can fold easily from a small end table to a sleek, modern coffee table for the centerpiece of your living space. grand-central-table-02 Quick to fold, this elegantly designed piece transforms in a visually appealing way with minimal sound and resembles an origami flower while in transition. grand-central-table-04 The Grand Central’s innovative design will help save you space and its many intricate pieces form an exquisite, yet minimalistic, tabletop that will accent any contemporary living space.

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