Gramofon: Music Player Router

The Gramofon is a music player router that lets you play your music, your way.¬†Combining Wi-Fi with music streaming, the Gramofon connects to your internet to let you stream music from your phone directly to your sound system. gramofon-music-player-router-05 Hailing from Fon, one of the world’s largest Wi-Fi networks, the Gramofon is an adapted technology of Fon’s wireless routers. Condensed into a simple, sleek box design, this router offers a new world of possibilities for music lovers and listeners, especially for those who want to stream their music to their sound systems without the hassle of connecting their devices to do so. gramofon-music-player-router-03 There are three simple steps to let you stream music: the device’s power cord, a connection to your stereo, and a connection to your internet. Once connected to the internet, you can either use your own Wi-Fi or the Gramofon’s Wi-Fi network in order to stream music from your phone straight to your stereo. Your phone operates as a the “remote” to control the music settings. The Gramofon supports music streaming apps like Spotify, and is currently working on adding more apps to the collection, including Soundcloud and Grooveshark. The Gramofon also comes with its own free music streaming app. gramofon-music-player-router-07 The fun doesn’t stop there either. The Gramofon turns music-listening into a social affair, allowing friends to connect through their phones and play music too. Nor is it limited to simply two people; you can have as many people as you like join the music-streaming party, and DJ with your friends. Because it does not require Bluetooth connectivity to operate, the Gramofon does not interfere with the other functions on your phone, so your music doesn’t have to stop, even when you get a text or call. Presently, the Gramofon is available for Android and iOS users, but the company is working on adding Windows and desktop apps to make the Gramofon as widely usable as possible. gramofon-music-player-router-02 The Gramofon may sound like the old-fashioned device of yore, but don’t let the name fool you, there is nothing old fashioned about it. The Gramofon reinvents music-listening, letting you use your phone to play DJ, and letting others join in on the fun too. gramofon-music-player-router-06 Video:

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