GoSun Fusion: Day and Night Solar Cooker

With the increasing advancements in solar power technology, solar powered products have become more accessible to consumers. Solar power technology has been adapted to a lot of existing products such as power banks, backpacks, flashlights, and even in new inventions such as a solar powered robot that will weed your garden for you! The main issue with these products is that they require the sun to function. What if it is a gloomy day outside, are you not able to use that product anymore? That is a problem that GoSun has taken care of. GoSun has released a number of solar powered ovens, their latest one being the GoSun Fusion. With their innovative technology, this oven allows users to cook day and night, rain or shine. The GoSun Fusion features a cylinder chamber which can cook up to 5 meals. It uses two reflective panels to trap the heat generated from the sun in the cylinder chamber. The two panels are adjustable to follow the movement of the sun to maximize the heat generated. This method is effective during a sunny day, however GoSun has incorporated elements from an electrical oven to make this product usable throughout the entire day regardless of time and weather. With a simple push of a button, the oven turns on its heater located at the bottom of the cylinder chamber to cook the food when there is no sunlight available. When there is no sunlight, the oven can be powered by a lithium-ion power bank, which can also be charged by a solar panel so the entire cooking process uses green energy. GoSun has been changing and elevating their products to create the best version of the solar powered oven. Energy conservation is a very important issue, and by using clean energy we can help stop energy waste.  

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