Goodfoot Optimal: The Slipper That Breathes

GoodFoot Optimal is the most fashionable slipper that really breathes. It is the best, most comfortable and functional slipper from Norway, yet it is also fashionable. This unique slipper has the temperature-balancing feature and is so light that it makes you feel as if you were walking on air. Goodfoot-1 These slippers are designed to activate airflow. They feature perforated insoles that provide a cooling effect to the feet. These are made to actually breathe with simple and smart technique. They are suitable for bad and extreme weather conditions, however, look-wise they are chic and fashionable, and don’t forget comfortable to the toes and feet. Goodfoot-2 The Ventisole acts as a ventilator and is designed with channels to activate the air-flow. Even on the inside, there is an extremely clever ventilating area pad that works well to regulate the temperature control. Goodfoot-3 Simple yet clever in design and material, these light temperature regulating slippers are made with breathable material. The design is based on Layer Concept. You can even peel up the top layer to feel the freshness of your feet. This Alessandro Brandolisio design has an overall appearance of being extremely cozy, soft, and relaxing. Goodfoot-4

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