Goldtatze: Wall and Ceiling Cat Furniture

Designed by Stefan Hofman, Goldtatze, which means “gold paws”, is innovative modular cat furniture. Goldtatze offers custom-designed furniture such as suspension bridges, climbing-scratching poles, and kitty condos that are suspended from the ceiling. When Hofman failed to find any suitable furniture for his cat, he set out to design his own cat furniture. His cat’s love of climbing on high surfaces inspired the pieces behind Goldtatze. Goldtatze-Wall-and-Ceiling-Cat-Furniture-02 Hofman uses his own carpentry skills and design knowledge to conjure up a heaven for cats and cat lovers alike. Now both pets and design-conscious pet owners can share room in peace using their own areas of common living space. Goldtatze-Wall-and-Ceiling-Cat-Furniture-03 Equipped with suspension bridges with adjustable lengths, window seats, climbing and scratching poles, hammocks and kitty condos, these pieces can be custom designed and configured to any living space. Goldtatze-Wall-and-Ceiling-Cat-Furniture-04 With Goldtatze in your home, you might find you have some extra space to yourself. In theory, your cat could go the whole day without putting its paws down on the floor. Goldtatze-Wall-and-Ceiling-Cat-Furniture-05 Video:

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