Golden Goose: Egg Scrambler

With the magical Golden Goose egg scrambler you can make the fluffiest and yummiest scrambled eggs – just perfect to impress your mother, and almost everyone. scrambled-eggs-01 This simple yet smart gadget helps you make the perfect scrambled eggs in no time. Created by Geraint Krumpe, a Northwestern University graduate, this design makes clever use and concept of the centrifugal force and works without breaking, cracking or penetrating the egg shell. scrambled-eggs-02 With this hand powered cool kit you will make in-shell scrambled eggs in a jiffy. All you need is little practice to get the hang of using and maneuvering this wonder kitchen tool that will do the magic trick for you. scrambled-egg-03 Well, all you basically have to do is put the egg into the cradle of the scrambler, close and turn the ring till a click sound happens. Then, time to show a bit of your muscle power, swing and pull the handles to spin the egg until the egg is completely scrambled. Golden Goose Egg Scrambler goes in alternate rotations, making the egg go back and forth. This in the process mixes the white and yolk without any outside air getting in. scrambled-eggs-04 It may appear a bit tricky in the beginning but gradually as you master the art of spinning in just few minutes, this Golden Goose will be pretty straightforward device to use. scrambled-eggs-05

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