Going In Circles With The Rock ’n’ Roll Shelving System

Rock ‘n’ Roll is a unique eco-friendly shelving system. Designed by ReturDesign Studio, in line with DIY projects, this unit is just the thing to keep your creativity and utility on. Going-In-Circles-With-The-Rock-n-Roll-Shelving-System-2 These recyclable stacks of circles working as shelves attach to each other with Velcro, and are made up of easy-to-use, cheap (though strong), high-density paperboard developed from unbleached cellulose fibers. Going-In-Circles-With-The-Rock-n-Roll-Shelving-System-03 The structure comes in a set of five different sizes of paper rolls to mix and match according to your style and desire: 32cm, 37cm, 41cm, 47cm and 52 cm in diameter with a depth 36 cm. Going-In-Circles-With-The-Rock-n-Roll-Shelving-System-04 The Rock ‘n’ Roll shelves are available in combinations of three colors: natural, white, and black. These cubby-hole-set-ups are interesting and ready to add that personal touch to any décor. Going-In-Circles-With-The-Rock-n-Roll-Shelving-System-05 The unit is easy to fix on the wall with hooks, angles, or screws. You can even glue the shelving system to the wall, or fit it just as well in the corner of a room, too. Going-In-Circles-With-The-Rock-n-Roll-Shelving-System-06

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