GoAvocado: The New Kitchen Staple

It is now an indisputable fact that the most recognized food of the 2000’s has become the avocado. Within just this past year or so, its status as a mealtime essential has skyrocketed to new heights. However, even with its popularity, you have to consider the paralleling rise in avocado related accidents, especially when it comes to removing the pit. Homeware brand, Joseph Joseph, has released a tool to revolutionize the way we maneuver around our kitchens. This tool is able to cut, de-stone, and slice your avocados as if it were butter. Thus, prompting us to forgo any avocado related injuries in the future. Dubbed the GoAvocado, this tool is intended to make extracting the stone, or pit, a safer process. Courtesy of the stainless steel pitter in the center which latches onto the stone via a cerated edge so you can simply pull the pit out. Additionally, the gadget also includes a blade for cutting and slicing. Except what makes this tool so unique is the slicing proponent which allows you to simply scoop out even slices vertically. This exceptional tool is fitted with an ergonomic and soft handle to further provide comfort. Don’t struggle to make your favourite meals on a daily basis fighting head-to-head with a difficult avocado. Instead, trust in the swift abilities of your new culinary companion to deliver you even slices every time. So go ahead and enjoy the ease to come with using the GoAvocado.

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