Go Plate: Free Hand For Eating and Drinking

Go Plate is a sturdy plate that allows you to have a free hand while eating and drinking. The Go Plate has a specially engineered center cone that accommodates your beverage container. It fits on most 16 & 18 oz plastic cups, any standard 12 or 16 oz. can, long neck bottles, most 4-10 ounce wine and beer glasses. Go-Plate-Free-Hand-For-Eating-and-Drinking-02 The center cone of the Go Plate has a specially designed ridge which snaps around the lip of your drinking cup. The entire plate sits sturdily atop the beverage, while the beverage itself becomes the handle. Go-Plate-Free-Hand-For-Eating-and-Drinking-07 To drink your beverage, you simply take off plate and place it back when done. In the case of aluminum cans and plastic cups, the user would lightly twist the plate and the beverage in opposite directions to loosen the plate before lifting. Go-Plate-Free-Hand-For-Eating-and-Drinking-04 The Go Plate can be hand washed and reused several times. You can also wash the Go Plate on the top rack of the dishwasher. The Go Plate is made with recycled RPET plastic and can withstand food temperatures up to 140° F. Go-Plate-Free-Hand-For-Eating-and-Drinking-5

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