Globe: An Interactive Spherical Display

As technology makes its leaps and bounds, more and more of our dreams are able to be cemented in reality! Globe is a single ring of LEDs rotating 15 times a second in order to produce a spherical display of anything you wish! Globe has a resolution of 1920×256, a display of 491,000 pixels, and is powered by Raspberry Pi. It takes an interesting and refreshing twist on a simple monitor, and instead allows you to display images, video, or games in a spherical fashion! Globe can be used for a variety of artistic purposes- as decoration, to advertise something- or simply as an eye-catching furniture piece. Globe can be connected with an Android or iOS app which allows you to upload the media you want to be displayed, or choose from a variety of pre-existing themes. Pre-built content includes solar bodies such as Mars, Jupiter, and Ganymede with real day and night cycles. Other features that are possible to display are cloud cover, wind speed, air pressure, temperature, lightning, earthquakes, rocket launches, and satellite positions. It can be seen from all angles, making it more than easy to display all the information you need to your entire audience. The possibilities are limitless with Globe and its many display features. To learn more, visit the Kickstarter page!

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