Glo Pillow: Wake Up Slowly And Gently

Most of us will never get used to waking up to the blaring sounds of our alarm clocks. That sudden jolt from deep sleep is not always pleasant, but we get up experiencing half a heart-attack and start the day anyway. But what if there was a more gentle and relaxing way of waking up in the morning? Designers Eoin McNally and Ian Walton may have the solution with their own Glo Pillow—a pillow surfaced with LED fabric substrate that creates a glowing light for a more natural way of waking up. glo-pillow-wake-up-slowly-and-gently-1 The Glo PIllow consists of five layers: an outer cover made from 100% cotton; a layer of thin netting, a layer of foam used to cushion and spread the the LED light; a layer of woven LED substrate developed by Philips; and five pounds of density visco-elastic memory foam. glo-pillow-wake-up-slowly-and-gently-2 The LED substrate surface acts as a display, showing the time using the grid of LEDs below the layers. The user goes into deep sleep, and forty-five minutes before the pre-set alarm time, the pillow begins to glow from 0 lux to 250 lux, mirroring a calm awakening to a natural sunrise. glo-pillow-wake-up-slowly-and-gently-3 The Glo Pillow has six SOFT switch buttons to control all of the pillow’s functions. The LED display also shows a battery indicator that glows green when it’s charging, and red when it requires charging. And when the red light glows, the Glo Pillow uses induction to charge—that is, the pad simply rests on the bed and charges as required. Through simple induction, this makes the pillow wireless and easy to move anywhere. Until the Glo Pillow moves from concept to reality, we’ll keep dreaming of waking up to a gentle rising luminescence until that all-too-familiar alarm starts ringing into our ears.