Glider: The Rocking Sofa

Italian brand Moroso presents Glider, the unique rocking sofa which is a perfect blend of fun, style and sensuality. Glider is the latest furniture product of the successful collaboration between Moroso and the London based designer Ron Arad. The design is made to provide luxury and comfort, and is a brilliant combination of a rocking chair and a smooth couch. Glider-The-Rocking-Sofa-01 The Glider promises to gently glide and rock you. This chubby and inviting couch comes in Blur shaded coloured textile made by Dutch company Febrik. Febrik creates high end knitted upholstery textile material. Glider-The-Rocking-Sofa-003 Its bold and bulbuous form is carved in a single voluminous body of foam, outlined with fine and welcoming lines. The colour scheme is attractive and is sure to add flavour to any room-setting. The sofa comes in a two colour combination scheme which is unique, bold, inviting as well as soothing; red-purple represents dynamics and white-indigo adding charm. Glider-The-Rocking-Sofa-04 According to Ron Arad, the challenge in the design was to create from a single volume, a single piece, and model it to make as a comfortable as a classic sofa. Moroso 2015 collection also features Matrizia, again an interesting sofa by Ron Arad with an interesting story behind its inspiration. Arad was inspired by an abandoned mattress on the street and created Matrizia. Glider-The-Rocking-Sofa-06

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