GKILO: Smart Kitchen Scale

There’s a reason why cooking is considered to be a fine art: it’s a mixture of both creativity and logic. Knowing what ingredients to mix together is one thing, but how to cook it is another thing entirely. GKILO, an innovative concept mixing both smart technology and cooking practices, is a smart kitchen scale created by designer Thingk. Thingk, comprised of Stefano Marangoni, Andrea Gallivanoni, Giuseppe Valenti, Umberto Tolino, and Domenico Consentino (who all came from the renowned European University of Politecnico di Milano for Engineering, Architecture, and Industrial Design), believe in more than just single-function objects. Introducing, the GKILO. GKILO-smart-kitchen-scale-02 Although it looks like an ordinary wooden chopping board, this smart kitchen scale is more than meets the eye. When placed upright and in use, LED lights bright up the front of the chopping board to indicate the weight of the food on top. When placed down, the lights tell you the time. And of course this type of technology is linked to smartphones with an app–it couldn’t be a smart kitchen scale without an app. Syncing the GKILO to your app allows you to adjust the time and reset the board, and it even brings up estimated cooking times for the weighed ingredient depending on its weight. Even cooking is key when making a delicious dish, and the smart kitchen scale makes sure every piece can be cooked thoroughly. GKILO-smart-kitchen-scale-03

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