Gidget: Comfortable Camping

Camping brings in plenty of personal preferences. Some like to camp in tents, some prefer cabins. Some like being near lakes, and some like the forest. The point is, we all make different choices when spending a weekend outdoors. So it’s no coincidence that the market for campers is enormous, with a variety of products from clothing to gear to camping activities. One particular item, the Gidget Retro Teardrop Camper, created in Australia and recipient of the Moreton Bay Region Innovation award, is described as “self-sufficient, environmentally friendly, lightweight and aerodynamic, economical on fuel and easily towed by a standard car”. With what can be interpreted as a room and kitchen into a very compact tow, camping is more refined as all your essentials are just a step away. You can easily cook your favorite meals outdoors with this camper. There is a pull-out stove, drawers, sink, and a small counter area. The kitchen part of the camper is at the very edge of the unit. There’s also an included refrigerator. Inside the camper is the sleeping area. There is a small shelving unit that can house a television set, or other preferable items. There’s also a closet which allows you to keep various outfits organized and wrinkle-free.   This compact camper is the perfect option for those who want and need comfort when outdoors. For more details and to make a purchase visit their website at: Please note, this product is unfortunately no longer being produced. We apologize for the inconvenience and confusion.

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